Our Values

A personal style company that helps you express your sense of style.

Our values are our characteristics that we live by.  They guide the way we behave and portray ourselves.
These values are:


Our unique understanding of the spirit of Africa puts us at the forefront of the personal style industry.


We believe that taking care of yourself and projecting your desired image in your way is what makes you truly unique.


We are an organization founded on personal relationships. One-on-one relationships with our stakeholders are at the forefront of our organization. We ensure that we add value through everything we do.


Contemporary in our thinking, we strive to provide solutions in new, fresh and innovative ways. We constantly push boundaries to unearth new ideas. We are stylish in everything we do. We are different.


We share our knowledge and expertise. We enable individuals to make their own choices individually. We use education and our solutions to empower our customers and consumers.