Recare is a personal style company.
Founded in 1997, our origin is plant-based chemistry. Recare has been using plant-based chemistry to help
Africans live beautifully.see more

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The Company

We provide solutions in hair care, skincare, cosmetics and personal care. Recare is the proud parent brand of a collection of beauty brands including Natures Gentle Touch, Nonstop and Hairsavvy.

Our Brands

Natures Gentle Touch

Introduced into the market in 1997, Natures Gentle Touch has become a well-known personal style brand using natural ingredients to provide solutions. The brand has never lost it’s scientific approach to beauty care.

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Hairsavvy, the international South African hair care brand, was developed for women in Africa by three women in South Africa.

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Natures Gentle Touch Institute

As a direct outgrowth of our commitment to fostering consumers’ well-being and access to expertise and knowledge, Recare established Natures Gentle Touch Institute in Nigeria in 2007.

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