Our Community

A personal style company that helps you express your sense of style.

Our Community

We work to preserve the environment through recycling programmes.

We buy our natural ingredients from communities around us. Our local raw material sourcing has allowed us to work with communities and improve the local economy.

Empowerment and relationships are values we care about. We empower through knowledge sharing and education.

Since the beginning, Recare’s mission has been to focus on researching and developing products to meet the unique beauty needs of African living in Africa. We are inspired by our unique understanding of the spirit of Africa that puts us at the forefront of the personal style industry.

Our belief in the personal style industry encourages us to empower the professionals, equipping them with knowledge and skills to improve themselves and serve their clients better. Today, we have become the largest trainers of hairstylists in Nigeria and other parts of Africa.

Our institutes educate Salon owners and re-train stylists. We have been opening training centres in Nigerian cities that offer basic and advanced beauty training.

We are providing free training to young people who otherwise would not have had opportunities to have skills to improve their economic situations.  Through our beauty institutes we are giving them professional training to become world-class hairstylists and beauty professionals.

Recare is using technical and vocational skills training to help young adults and youths to break the cycle of poverty. These acquired skills and subsequent improvement in income have been shown to increase their ability to meet their basic needs and look after other family members.

Our free skills development programme with women has provided them with a pathway to economic empowerment. Having skills fosters hope. Many people with skills feel confident and empowered. They gain more respect in their communities and feel more secure about their future.