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Hair & Beauty in Africa

It all began in 1993. Many Nigerian women were complaining about hair damage, breakage, dryness, slow growth and scalp itch. Going to the salon for relaxer application had become an unpleasant experience.

Our founder, Chika Ikenga, an Industrial Chemist with an interest in natural products chemistry, began to investigate how he could help women overcome these problems, which as research showed, were experienced by more than 80% of African women.

It soon became evident to Chika that African women living in Africa have unique hair care requirements, and that the African weather and diet only made these needs even more specific. He saw too that the unique texture of African hair made it drier, which in turn required a constant balance of moisture and conditioning.

At the same time, Chika recognised that there was a growing response to the global trend towards cultural homogeneity in fashion, beauty and hair. People were beginning to seek a more natural approach to hair treatment, expressing a desire for more healthy, natural and authentic ingredients in their hair and beauty treatments that would enhance their personal style.

In discerning these needs, he also discovered that not only was there no African hair care brand developed specifically for Nigerian women, but that even with the abundance of natural raw materials in West Africa, there was no beauty brand that integrated these ingredients into products.

Back to our roots

He therefore, began to develop plant based-chemistries and formulations that would provide answers to these problems, while at the same time taking into account the uniqueness of African hair. In creating these formulations, he was determined to include ingredients from our own environment that generations of Nigerians had known and used. Chika was, however, just as determined to base his products on solid scientifically researched techniques and benefits. At the end of 1995, he resigned from his previous position to focus exclusively on his research for solutions to the hair care challenges facing the African woman.

In his search for plant-based ingredients to treat the scalp and foster healthy hair, he introduced Ginger into his formulations. He noticed that it made the scalp healthier. Chika added our local shear butter to the products to add moisture. He found that where hair was breaking, the Shea butter repaired it, and where it was dry, the Shea butter revitalised it. It was clearly a natural ingredient that could help treat dry and brittle hair and prevent hair breakage. Other ingredients that he worked with included palm kernel oil, coconut oil, tea tree oil, cocoa butter, aloe vera and Moringa.

The formulations were refined, and our first products included hair relaxers that straightened the hair and conditioners that could strengthen weak hair using plant derived ingredients. During the testing of our relaxer product, consumers particularly liked the way it straightened their hair leaving it smooth without the scalp irritation they had become used to.


Out of this search to find solutions to the hair care challenges of the Nigerian woman using plant based ingredients, the Natures Gentle Touch brand was born. The brand was named Natures Gentle Touch because the original ingredients were nature based and the products formulated touched the scalp gently. Recare was incorporated as a company in 1997 to own the product brand. Recare’s fundamental offering comprised personal style solutions and expertise that would reveal the natural beauty within. The Recare Corporate brand promises to empower users through the knowledge of beauty and style. The mission of the brand is to empower individuals to embrace their unique sense of style. All these attributes are defined in the values of our brand. Our brand is spirited, sassy, fresh, personal and empowering.

From our first products till date, all our products have been based on plant chemistry using natural ingredients from our environment to enhance the efficacy of our solutions. We are committed to make life more beautiful.

In 1999, we launched NONSTOP our successful brand for men. Since it was developed, NONSTOP has been acknowledged as a brand that has changed the way men in Nigeria view beauty and encouraged them to take more interest in their beauty needs.


The same year, we welcomed international super model, Oluchi Onweabga , the first Face of Africa winner as our global brand ambassador. Oluchi is an inspiration and a style icon to women across Africa. Her success has been noted in the fashion and beauty industry as proof that Africa is world class.


As part of our vision to be a truly global company, Recare in 2004 established in South Africa. The company acquired Hairsavvy, the international South African hair care brand developed for the fashionable, confident and self-assured woman. Recare became the first Nigerian company to acquire a South African beauty brand. The acquisition provided Recare a platform and channel network into the South African beauty market.

Our footprint continues to grow as our products have become available in many countries in Africa reflecting our determination to bringing world-class personal style solutions closer to millions of women and men.

In 2006, Recare became the first company to manufacture the full no-lye relaxer kit in Nigeria.

Empowering Experience

In 2007, Recare established the first Natures Gentle Touch Institute in Lagos, Nigeria. This is a centre to educate a new generation of beauty professionals and provide a world- class brand experience to our consumers. We have continued to open more institutes in the country as we work to enhance consumer beauty and well-being.