A personal style company that helps you express your sense of style.


Recare is a personal style company. Founded in 1997, our origin is plant-based chemistry. Recare has been using plant-based chemistry to help Africans live beautifully. We provide solutions in hair care, skincare, cosmetics and personal care. Recare is the proud parent brand of a collection of beauty brands including Natures Gentle Touch, Nonstop and Hairsavvy.

We believe in the important role that beauty plays in people’s lives. We recognise that by enhancing people’s looks and wellness through quality and innovative beauty solutions, we make them live a better and happier life. Feeling good we also believe, begins by taking care of yourself.

Recare is a company that reflects an instinct for style, a sense of adventure and love of fashion. We continue to be acknowledged as the only International Company that empowers Africans through beauty solution and knowledge.

We are inspired by the belief that the sophistication of African elegance needs to be revealed to the World. Africans derive their sense of style from the environment around us-the vibe, the pace, the flavour and the unique African flair. Our best selling beauty brands Natures Gentle Touch, Nonstop and Hairsavvy have been created using ingredients from our environment.

We believe in making a difference in Africa and we are proud of the business we are building. With our emphasis on using natural ingredients to create natural solutions, and our scientifically-based, yet wholesome approach, we let consumers feel in touch not only with their own natures, but with nature in general through a relevant, healthy and effective range of products designed to match the perceptions, needs and consciousness of Africans in Africa.

The Recare brand platform is the base for information of what our brands stand for today. We fundamentally offer personal style solutions and expertise that reveal the natural beauty within. We promise to empower you with knowledge of beauty and style. We are committed to enabling you embrace your unique sense of style. We assure you that we can help you take ownership of your beauty needs and learn how to achieve balance and unlock the beauty within.

We encourage people to take control of their personal style. More than that, we are all connected by nature and inspired by Africa. Recare has set out to enable African pride by unleashing the beauty within.

With Operations in Nigeria and South Africa, our products are distributed in many countries in Sub-Saharan Africa.