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Natures Gentle Touch

Introduced into the market in 1997, Natures Gentle Touch has become a well-known personal style brand using natural ingredients to provide solutions. The brand has never lost it’s scientific approach to beauty care. It has remained true to the creator’s original principles that a healthy formulation, through the use of plant-based ingredients should be the basis for earning the confidence and trust of consumers, and for answering the increasingly widespread desire to beautify the hair and the body. Natures Gentle Touch is the number one brand in Nigeria. It has grown into a unique brand that offers an authentic new way of thinking-a true revolution that enhances and reveals the natural African beauty within.


Hairsavvy, the international South African hair care brand, was developed for women in Africa by three women in South Africa.

The brand was created by the women in South Africa who saw a gap to provide a solution to meet the hair care requirements of the modern woman by focusing on the health of the hair and scalp. They believed in a healthy approach to hair and scalp beauty. Using science and natural ingredients found in South Africa the brand has grown to become the choice of the modern woman who is empowered by her sense of pride and driven by her unique sense of style. The brand encourages her to take control of her individuality and unlock her natural beauty.

Hairsavvy was acquired by Recare in 2004.

Natures Gentle Touch Institute

As a direct outgrowth of our commitment to fostering consumers’ well-being and access to expertise and knowledge, Recare established Natures Gentle Touch Institute in Nigeria in 2007. Conceived as a place where expertise relevant to Africa can be passed on, where talent can be fostered and encouraged, where business and beauty skills can be transferred, the institute represents our fundamental determination to develop home-grown solutions for local hair care and beauty problems.

With its teaching faculty of both local and international educators, the inspiration for the institute from the outset has been to improve the indigenous industry for the benefit of consumers, and ensure that they have access to a world-class standard of practice. The institute has continued to produce a new generation of beauty professionals and hair stylists. In doing all these, the institute, while making Africans comfortable with their style, improving skills of professionals, also helps to create jobs and opportunities.

Recare has continued to establish more institutes in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria.